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Brady Cancer Support Foundation Inc. is a registered charity that was formed in 2004 with the objective of providing financial support to organizations, groups and individuals involved in the provision of cancer support, care and research throughout Western Australia.

The foundation operates under the direction of a board of directors (see under "Board") who meet 3-4 times each year to consider applications for funding from approved groups, organisations and to manage the financial affairs of the foundation.


The objectives, as detailed in our constitution are:


1. To provide financial assistance to other not-for-profit charitable groups or organisations involved in the provision of cancer support.

2. To provide to those persons affected by cancer, their carers and family, with financial support (direct or indirect) for the purpose of seeking treatment, support and respite.

3. To provide financial support for those persons involved in medical or educational research, cancer support, awareness projects or holistic therapies for cancer.

The Brady Cancer Support Foundation Inc, was created by the late Dorothy Brady; a gracious and generous lady who passed away in 2005 at the age of 94.
Dorothy’s husband, Foster, had died of cancer some years earlier; as a result, Dorothy had a desire to help and touch the lives of those affected by cancer.

After discussions with those who were closest to her, Dorothy - who was extremely mentally alert for a 94 year-old and who watched and discussed the share market daily! - decided to form a charitable foundation that would allow her to continue 'making a difference' even after her death.
Dorothy's spirit and sharpness-of-mind was an inspiration to us all, and the foundation directors are committed to carrying out her vision for this foundation by supporting the many wonderful cancer support charities in Western Australia and Australia.



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